Premiere: Seki Takashi – “Voices”

Posted by on November 9, 2017

Seki Takashi

Attractive Coincidence, or ACR for short, has only been at it for a year now, but the London-based imprint has made big moves in the ambient-leaning corner of the cassette world. The label has issued two volumes of a mind and body-numbing compilation called The Opposite of Aloof, featuring sounds by both on and off-roster projects. The compilation serves as a sort of mission statement, though it would also sit comfortably alongside Kompakt’s Pop Ambient series, Ghostly’s SMM series, etc. Now, shortly after a three-tape batch featuring Sky Sailingot to, not to, and a split by V I C I M and Decoder-favorite Forest Management, the label returns with Think — the latest work from Tokyo-based composer and musician Seki Takashi.

The label describes the tape as “an introspective and thoughtful meditation on alienation in the urban environment,” a fitting non-musical description of the melancholic tones hosted within. But the emotional depth seems more complicated, inspired in part by Takashi’s despaired realization of feeling alone while being surrounded by people: “I pass a lot of people in the city every day. But I do not interact with anyone.” On the tape’s lead track “Voices,” that loneliness permeates every moment, though it isn’t a hopeless cause. The six minutes here reveal layer upon layer of sustained tones, echoing feedback, and resonant beauty. It’s timeless and immediate, a perfect aural companion to any situation, mental state of being, or other seemingly insurmountable sense of loss.

Go ahead and put this one on repeat until you just can’t take it anymore, and keep your eyes peeled on ACR’s Bandcamp for the official release November 20th.