World War – ‘Soundsystem’

Posted by on November 8, 2017

world war soundsystem

Davey Harms’ Soundsystem cassette — released as World War — starts on a restrained note, with woozy but beat-sure psychedelics. It’s a thick enough brew that it defies my expectations while reading about it on Hausu Mountain’s website. The “workout” is there from the start, but between the nomenclature and the cocky little crouched frog man on the cover, I expected to be hit pummel first here compared to the mellow moves of Bean’s Impossible World tape. As it turns out I didn’t have to wait too long, though we’d all wait less if our speakers looked anything like this j-card art (in a throbbing, painful to imagine universe where speakers have eyes).

From any other label even the little frog man might be a focus of suspicion. In Hausu Mountain’s case, the “they know I know they know” could go on a while and might cause a lot of collateral damage. Even then there’s no guarantee what knows whom — or even where, tragically. Presumably our little frog is there for a reason though, and as you pass through the opener “California” and into more driving tracks like “Same in the World Red” and “No Time 4 Tremor,” you’ll start to wonder if it isn’t for the sake of dipping his little froggy butt as close to the ground as he can. He has to keep up and look cool doing it, since Soundsystem is a world of brilliant psychedelic gabber. As Hausu points out, Harms’ “music fuses the insistent pulse and rigid grid layouts of techno with the abrasive skronk and inventive tonal sculpting characteristic of the noise circuit of his home base in Providence, RI.” Soundsystem may be exactly as described, but it’s still full of surprises.

Hustle up to Hausu Mountain to get Soundsystem on tape.