Holy Family – ‘The Doubting Organ’

Posted by on November 2, 2017

holy family

Flexible, Chicago-based noise artist Will McEvilly returned this summer for a new pair of recordings under his ambient Holy Family moniker, this time airing things out even more than previous efforts. The 32 minute album — The Doubting Organ — is paced by two longform compositions, each offering a different take on a dreamy and otherworldly feeling. Though there’s a wonderful sense of logic to these compositions, as the pleasantly meandering “Ceiling Above Better” leads into the more active, bright “Clay Tile Riser.” Still, released under a name like The Doubting Organ, it is a little surprising to hear such calming bundles of rumination delivered. Doubt seems endless and anxious when it arrives, a busy mind and paralyzed gut, but Holy Family investigates the total flip of those emotions. Perhaps this is doubt as awakening, as a productive reorientation to the universe and all surroundings, inanimate or organic or metallic. The kitchen floor, those grimy tiles, or the sagging ceiling — truest markers of the forgotten everyday mundane — become reanimated within this lens of doubt. As the lush modulated synthetics play out deep within the second composition, the listener feels certain that doubt was never negative whatsoever, that there was only potential or beauty in this awakening.

Download The Doubting Organ via Holy Family’s Bandcamp.