Carey – ‘Other People’

Posted by on October 31, 2017

other people

On his new tape for Athens, GA’s Null Zone, Other People, Carey — musician and composer Dan Carey Bailey — charts a new course through Americana with a wide-arc, yet on a humble scale. Bailey cut his chops as a powerhouse contributor in the South Atlanta experimental music community via groups like the eclectic Faun and a Pan Flute collective, whose agile jams in the vein of third-steam jazz allowed him to shine on bass. What makes his new collection Other People particularly impressive is that, aside from some cello work on two tracks from Benjamin Shirley, Bailey plays all instruments on the album himself, weaving them together into an emotive whole — appropriately enough given the name. Other People is a jazzy outing that’s freely haunting, quizzical, and rambunctious.

Among Bailey’s arsenal: clarinets, acoustic guitar, marimba, piano, and upright bass, to name only a few. Bailey’s preference for acoustic instrumentation gives the album a homey, dun-colored texture, and his expert arrangements are straight out of a Bill Frisell album. That omnipresent clarinet might as well be narrator in a chronicle spanning race and class, under unchanging skies. Among his many stylistic flirtations, he’s as equally adept with a sinewy, spare take on American folk-blues in the title track, as he is on a hammering, bubbly sort of minimalism, with free jazz antics dropping in to lighten the vibe lest we ever get too comfortable. Bailey’s tragicomic melodies and racing motifs (“On Being” is particularly gorgeous) evoke a faded world of yesteryear being slowly painted-over, but still visible from between the cracks. And the closer “Jonesboro Road” is just masterful.

Download or order Other People on cassette via Null Zone’s Bandcamp.