Stream: The House In The Woods – ‘Live at Silent Night #8’

Posted by on October 11, 2017

paralysis night

Genot Centre is a record label and music community centered around Prague, which has spent the past 2 years releasing an eclectic selection of music on tape. Their roster extends from home-brewed young talents like Lišaj or Izanasz to Georgian post-club producer Aghnie or the mysterious Bristol-based musician Percival Pembroke. In addition to tapes though, Genot is also very active in their local scene — they curate concerts, put on shows in churches and throw parties. One of their main events is a fairly regular overnight ambient concert and sleepover series called Silent Night. Their newest tape, titled Paralysis: Live at Silent Night #8, was recorded during last November’s event at Prague’s Ponec Theatre.

While Martin Jenkins’ work as Pye Corner Audio explores various sub-genres of electronica, his The House In The Woods project leans towards more organic textures and slowly evolving ambient and drone music. This new Live at Silent Night tape presents 72 minutes of pure sonic bliss. Slowly evolving and detuning loops merge into each other seamlessly, as Jenkins takes a sleeping audience on a gentle, albeit developing and engaging journey. It’s as if the rumbling low-end meditations, the whooshing white noise, and the meditative synth patterns all link up in a deep-sea cavern — the resulting sonic landscapes are magical and utterly spellbinding.

Listen, download or order via Genot Centre.