Karl Fousek – ‘Two Pieces for a Temporary Connection’

Posted by on October 3, 2017

two pieces for a temporary connection

After releases on labels like Adhesive Sounds or Phinery, Karl Fousek joins Archive Officielle, a Montréal-based “publishing platform and physical archive focused on conceptual work.” This new cassette release — Two Pieces for a Temporary Connection — is one of two tapes that Fousek, also Montréal-based, released in late August (the second as part of new trio for Dinzu Artefacts). On Two Pieces, Fousek explores the sonic potential of three identical oscillators. Inspired by the musician’s live performances and rehearsals, the two side-length pieces showcase the power of the synthesizer, as rhythmic blips, noisy beeps and musical arpeggios intertwine to form complex, impenetrable webs of sound and texture. The dense and seemingly chaotic passages often slow down and transform into moments of complex musicality and precise arrangement. Fousek’s ability to move between the two — the fluid, abstract sound and the tangible musical ideas — is truly masterful. Close to 30 minutes, Fousek and his trio of oscillators transport the listener into a complex world of sonic and rhythmic fascination.

Download or order Two Pieces on cassette via Archive Officielle.