Thugwidow – ‘Dead Colony’

Posted by on September 13, 2017

dead colony

Manchester-based producer Thugwidow’s Dead Colony, their debut on Kudatah (Edmonton, Alberta), starts out with “Take Me Down With You,” a dark and delicious opening mission statement, with processed vocals drifting in and out. Infatuated with stripped and broken-down drum breaks, the album’s haunting qualities and sombre atmosphere are emphasized — see tracks like “Choked,” “Me And The Devil” and “Now it Makes Me Think of Death.” The whole thing lives easily up to its sinister name, though — to make a fleeting Burial comparison — Dead Colony has a definite feel of UK urban landscapes and bleak, grey concrete winters to it.

Weighing in at seven minutes and forty seconds, the longest track on the album, title track “Dead Colony” is lengthy, unfurling swathes of sub-bass and pitched-up vocals in a pleasingly relaxed manner. A faster, more euphoric moment comes courtesy of the epically titled “Spoilt British Liberals the Result of Stable Society.” Kudatah affiliate Sangam features on the murky, downtempo “Shallow Night” as well as “Now it Makes Me Think of Death,” both of which fit right in with the tapes delicately curated atmosphere, all rain samples and skipping drum patterns. Dead Colony is a fine effort from Thugwidow, as far as dark drum ‘n’ bass and jungle is concerned.

Order Dead Colony via Kudatah’s Bandcamp.