Jasper Stadhouders & Aaron Lumley – ‘Strung Out’

Posted by on September 12, 2017

strung out

Montreal resident Aaron Lumley is a ferocious contrabassist, with a no holds barred approach to his instrument — an instrument that is almost as large as the player himself. Lumley thrums, plucks, strums, beats, bows, and outright attacks his bass with a fiery energy that is only matched by the care with which he wrangles the wild beast of an instrument when the mood calls for a delicate approach. The musician is no stranger to collaboration, having performed, recorded and improvised with a long list of players in the arenas of jazz, free folk, punk rock and non-idiomatic improvisation, and has worked with choreographers and visual artists providing soundscapes to accompany the visual stimuli of those media.

Lumley’s latest outpouring of gut-string stamina is a duo project with Dutch guitarist Jasper Stadhouders. Having both a career and an approach to playing that often parallels his bass-wielding counterpart, pairing up with Lumley must have been as natural to Stadhouders as performance itself. It is immediately apparent as Strung Out — the duo’s debut cassette for Lumley’s Spectral Hesher imprint — commences that these two are playing as a single unit, their energies completely aligned. Stadhouders’ acoustic guitar plucks, strums, scrapes, and scramblings seem to intertwine with Lumley’s bass emanations in an almost uncanny fashion. Such harmony through dissonance is a rare feat.

Strung Out is available through Lumley’s Bandcamp, so peer in that direction for an unimaginable feast of free improv magic.