PANXING – ‘Anti Gone’

Posted by on September 6, 2017


Making use of warped beats, amorphous electronic experiments and distorted voices, Anti Gone — the debut tape from Copenhagen’s Pernille Zidore-Nygaard and her PANXING project — can be as unsettling as it is intriguing. The Danish musician uses a wide palette of sounds to great, often disorienting effect, combining minimalist piano, digital orchestra sounds, distorted electronics, thumping kicks, samples and more to achieve whatever end she might have in mind. Anti Gone shifts constantly, with seamless transitions from Badalamenti-esque pensive synth meditations to warped techno or tape-saturated vocal exercises. Arrangements are often on the brink of flying apart, or seem so disorienting that the listener might fall behind. Zidore-Nygaard always moves forward at just the right pace though, “…soft minimalist piano pieces in a landscape that is formless, but painted with clinical precision.” That maneuverability is particularly striking in the transition from the surreal, almost brutal “Steel Horses,” into the calm digital woodwind of “Monday New” — which undergoes its own periodic transformation, back and forth between calm and high-paced electronic anxiety. Clocking in at only 27 minutes long, Anti Gone is still filled to the brim with provocative musical ideas.

Anti Gone is out now via Danish label NESM, and available to download or buy on Bandcamp.