Private Anarchy – ‘S/T’

Posted by on September 1, 2017

private anarchy

“When not capturing the sounds of everyday bric-a-brac for his tape collage duo Maths Balance Volumes or his solo project Termite Acropolis, Clay Kolbinger has been holed up in his Madison bunker for the past couple of years honing his personalized take on the rock idiom.” Private Anarchy is my introduction to Kolbinger, and if it’s yours too, then it may be an equally appropriate banner to hang over his “bunker” or back catalog — after a quick listen though, it’s hard to imagine the exact twists and turns Kolbinger has accumulated across his compositional itinerary. Private Anarchy is bouncy but lopsided, even tense. It’s a stalwart stagger through new-wave punk that almost feels zolo. A fast drive may be the right comparison, in a heavy car with seriously slippery brakes. Also check out his 2016 solo debut for Round Bale, Dedication in Vinegar, a cassette of more noisy and fungal experiments recorded under the aforementioned Termite Acropolis moniker.

Private Anarchy is available on tape via Round Bale Recordings.