King Pong Dub System – ‘Dub Brut’

Posted by on August 31, 2017

dub brut

In the sixth episode of the Decoder Podcast, founder Jakob Rehlinger introduced his Toronto-based Arachnidiscs Recordings imprint and its diffuse focus on free-form psychedelics — so it is and isn’t a surprise to find he’s been hiding a dub project for much of that time, called King Pong Dub System, with a nearly sold out new album Dub Brut out last month. Evolved out of earlier, even weirder experiments with acid-techno under the shortened name Pong, Rehlinger commissioned the new project to release a collection of 4-track “dub” recordings in 2005. His description of those is portentous enough, “kinda dub-informed noir-jazz chill-out jams . . . entirely too much echo.” Though his Bandcamp page gives the impression it might have taken a decade to properly flesh out the project, over the last year or so he’s made up for lost time with a trio of albums culminating in the appropriately dry Dub Brut, full of raw guitar dub dashed over a bed of engrossing loops and samples.

Download or order Dub Brut on CD-R (done up nicely to look like an old dub 45) via Arachnidiscs Recordings.