Premiere: Secret Pyramid – “Memory Within Memory”

Posted by on August 4, 2017

two shadows

Since first emerging in 2010 with a self-released CD-r, Amir Abbey’s Secret Pyramid has forged a quiet but steady run of wistfully dreamlike ambient music. Now, following a run of releases on No UFO’s Nice Up International, Students of Decay, and his own Proposition imprint, the project is issuing Two Shadows Collide, an entire new LP on long-running outer-auteur imprint Ba-Da-Bing!

Teased last month by the self-released A Pulse in Your Shadow EP, Two Shadows Collide feels like a subtle but noticeable new direction for Amir. The narcotic fog that shrouded the landmark LPs on Students of Decay has dissipated just a bit, revealing a bit more warmth and glow in the serene scenery. “Memory Within Memory,” a deceivingly modest mid-album track, brings the first taste of the LP. The song almost heaves with emotional weight, marching along with tragic ambivalence similar to Eluvium’s hushed, effortless melancholy. As the song plays out, it blurs in and out of focus, meandering through three distinct movements of hushed and muted tones.

Abbey gave a bit of backstory on the song over a recent email exchange:

“It’s about how forces attract and clash in our lives, in both pleasant and dissonant ways. Hence why I explore several different sounds, and detours throughout the album. “Memory Within Memory” is meant to be a faded and distant memory that comes out of nowhere, especially given the track before it. It’s meant to be “there but not there” in a way, hence why it’s pretty short and feels distant. It’s just piano, ondes, and lots of tape hiss and warble. The piano bit was all done in one-take a while ago, I totally forgot about it, and revisited it, and built the song around it.”

It’s a slow-motion dive into oblivion. Classic ambient music, right up there with the elegiac drifts and disembodied beauty of Music for Airports or the Disintegration Loops.

Two Shadows Collide is out next month and available to pre-order now via Ba Da Bing!