Impulse Array – ‘Extrasolar’

Posted by on August 2, 2017

impulse array

The Concrète Tapes cabal is dedicated to promoting the experimental sounds of the English Northwest, via the label, and through their in-house blog and club night. As of my writing, their latest missive is also the latest from Lancaster resident Mark Burford under his Impulse Array moniker, an EP arriving professionally dubbed and sleeved in a hand-printed card stock slipcase. Extrasolar provides four tracks of intergalactic techno, the vacuum of outer space serving as an unlikely transmission medium for Burford’s crafty beats and extraterrestrial, drone-like accompaniments.

Just as sound cannot exist without air in which to vibrate, the unearthly menace of “Red Giant” would remain buried in the collective unconscious without Burford’s deft hand to encode it on a recording medium. The track, evoking its stellar namesake, expands ever outward to engulf those within earshot with its hypnotic beats and detuned radio signals. “Low Orbit Burn” is a captivating shuffle warped by the heat of atmospheric re-entry. A sinister drone creeps in and out of earshot as Burford’s percussion lines slowly morph while the track unfolds. The solar winds and synthetic gurgle of “Radiation Belts” could serve as a primer for prospective space travelers, providing a soundtrack to orbital suspension, but “Distant Suns” is truly far out, pushing the boundaries of techno itself with an uncanny bass line and deep, barely discernible drone.

The Extrasolar EP can be obtained by pointing your spaceship over toward the Impulse Array Bandcamp, so snatch up a copy and prepare for launch.