James Fella – ‘Inactive Parts’

Posted by on July 13, 2017

inactive parts

Inactive Parts is a project that has taken many forms. Performed live on the radio in the summer of 2014 — the piece was called “New Material” at this point — and then as an installation later that winter, with a different version appearing on two sets of single-sided acetate LPs. Ultimately, the Inactive Parts journey, which has taken musician and Gilgongo Records proprietor James Fella over three years to complete, has culminated in commercial LP form — differing slightly from the radio program and the acetates — via the Weird Machine imprint. The installation took place in Fella’s hometown Phoenix, with paintings, screen printed art, and lathe cut 7″ records. The opening reception also featured a four-hour performance by Fella himself, who used the recorded material as “instruments.” The sounds, as they appear on this LP, are those of heavily amplified acoustic instruments played softly and then intensified for creative purposes, augmented by tapes compiled from as far back as 2005. The resulting brew is a veritable cornucopia of skull-shearing scrapes, subterranean drones, cacophonous noise blasts, shimmering katydid stridulations, and the sinister clangor of abused string instruments. In other words, Inactive Parts is an album to be reckoned with.

This delicious ooze is available in three distinct flavors via Fella’s own Bandcamp: vinyl, compact disc, and incorporeal digital. Strap it on and give it a whirl, if there’s an insatiable itch in your gray matter.