Micromelancolié – ‘Anatomy of Modern Paintings’

Posted by on June 29, 2017

anatomy of modern paintings

A beguiling addition to the expanding catalog of Antwerp tape imprint Audio Visuals Atmosphere: the canny, textural Anatomy of Modern Paintings by Micromelancolié, aka Polish experimental sound and video artist Robert Skrzyński. Anatomy of Modern Paintings is an edit from two performances at the National Museum of Warsaw from 2016, from the Ucho Gmachu series devoted to contemporary music. Even considering the hauntological, stream-of-conscious flow of Micromelancolié’s often field-recording-based dronescapes, Anatomy of Modern Paintings is enigmatic, but hypnotically beautiful all the same.

Micromelancolié’s imaginary narrators guide you through a self-contained world of dissociation and apathy. On Side A, a nasal voice drawls on, seemingly to himself, over zoned-out looping, “I’m just going to fade away eventually…and then I’ll be alone again…naturally…because…” Sussurant chatter in the background becomes another layer to the mystery and experience. Side B opens with a greeting from an even more unnerving male voice, straight out of the uncanny valley, urging you to recline, dream, and collapse into the submerged bed of noise and glitchy fragments. Afterward, coming in more clearly, you hear someone’s fiddling around in the dark, opening and closing doors, typing, rustling paper… a half-hearted search for something. Then, just like that, we’re done. And yet, this is bound to be one you’ll wear out on tape, revisiting many times.

Anatomy of Modern Paintings is available on tape and to stream via Audio Visuals Atmosphere.