Pun Collins – ‘World Wide Wave’

Posted by on June 21, 2017


Coming across a beat-tape titled World Wide Wave attached to someone called Pun Collins, add in a label named Dirty Tapes and you’ve set some undeniably high expectations for a first listen — even higher if you already know the label’s reliability as a source for off-kilter beat work. Of course if you’re here and I’m here, things went well. As it happens, they went very well! World Wide Wave slinks out with care, casting a palette of internet-age tones and textures into producer Axel Lacan‘s own distinctive, watery matrix. Lacan’s sound as Pun Collins structures itself in a variety of ways, but the atmosphere is colorful decay, like a hazy tour through an abandoned, futuristic cityscape as nature and older cycles slowly reclaim it. This collection closes out with ten minutes, three tracks of stellar collaboration/edits; featuring individual outings with X Walker, ju ca, and the Cyclist respectively. Good fun, and a great addition to Dirty Tapes’ psych-tinged catalog.

Order World Wide Wave via the Dirty Tapes Bandcamp.