V/A – ‘Doom Mix Vol. 1’

Posted by on June 13, 2017

doom mix

To date LA-based Doom Trip Records has cultivated a small, impeccably curated set of releases that — even so — cannot properly foreshadow their first Doom Mix. The compilation features a set of associated artists alongside an expanded gang of electronic outsiders, full dark and intense ambient works, beats, expansive folk, and synthetics-galore. This is the Pure Moods infomercial for the current flophouse performance space generation, if only stripped of its Zen and extended into heavier timbres and foreboding tones. wrtch’s cut, “Wealth,” was a highlight for me and an example of the depths showcased — and perhaps equally as a condemnation of all things 2017. For a more structured counterpart, try the synthetic jazz noir of TALsounds, or Vinyl Williams’s brilliantly looped and feedbacked new wave. Chances are the regular Decoder reader will find many friendly familiar faces throughout the compilation and a few new sounds that show the diversity of this constellation of artists. For the irregular reader, this tape serves the highest function of a compilation, namely an introduction into an intersection of artists laying down tour routes across the US.

Order Doom Mix Vol. 1 via Doom Trip Records.