Adderall Canyonly / Ak’chamel – ‘TT019’

Posted by on June 12, 2017


The latest split from Jakarta-based Morgan McKellar’s Tandem Tapes is a corkscrew bullseye of a pairing, featuring Field Hymns’ in-house kraut-loon Adderall Canyonly and noir-ish downers Ak’chamel. Together the sides are suitably monochromatic and doomish, but also striking for both projects. TT019 combines a live Halloween recording from Ak’chamel (via Houston’s KTRU) and a pair of tracks that even Adderall Canyonly admits are “a bit sad and angry” (“Fuck this shit,” he also concedes). The nature of the recording wildly lends itself to Ak’chamel’s occult dirge stew and what could become a heavy-handed one-off meets itself somewhere very pleasantly around the middle. Being recorded live, their contribution sounds particularly light and otherworldly, accentuating an acoustic sensibility with an already strong focus. Adderall Canyonly’s “Sinner Get Thee Ready” and “But if Not” are some of the first grumbles we’ve heard from the project after a sparse 2016, and grumble they do, though the more lavishly dark direction taken here is exactly the right preparation for Ak’chamel. Though the basic ingredients of each project are essentially unchanged, their pairing in this sort of catalog adds an extra layer of fun.

Download or buy TT019 via the Tandem Tapes Bandcamp.