Transport – ‘Milchreise’

Posted by on May 24, 2017


Milchreise’s Transport is a work of ecstasy in collision. At times jarring, others soothing, its smashing of languageless vocals, frantic drums and unhinged arrangements captures the conflicts inherent to modern life. Switching from moments of intense clarity, like the crushing freight train riff of opener “Werden,” to playful improvisations akin to the Art Ensemble of Chicago, the only constant throughout is the seamless interaction between the four members of Transport. An absurd dialogue which molds, twists, and turns the seven tracks.

In under four minutes, “Tanz um den Melkeimer” spins away from an intro of percussion and whistles, into a trance of jaunty synth leads and ritualistic hollers.  These raw urges repeatedly claw through the album’s more structured foundation in the form of guttural yelps and grunts, cacophonous walls of polyrhymthmic drums, or unhinged blasts of guitar and bass.

Any experimental psych band from Germany is inevitably going to get a lazy comparison with the likes of Neu, Can and Faust. But with Transport the similarities and differences are poignant. While those bands attempted to capture the sound of the future, whether utopian or dystopian, Transport are grounded in the now and the real; producing an album which reflects both the image of order, and the snarling chaos and raw instincts hidden beneath.

Milchreise is available now on vinyl and download Ana Ott.