Stream: Blak Saagan – ‘A Personal Voyage’

Posted by on May 22, 2017

blak saagan

As Italian label Maple Death Records points out, much of the “benefit of the rediscovery of Italian 60s/70s psych” has accrued for foreign labels, so it’s exciting to see their latest turn into the contemporary field with Blak Saagan, aka Venice’s Samuele Gottardello. Gottardello’s A Personal Voyage is a synth odyssey directly inspired by none other than Carl Sagan, fleshed out by his own genuine fascination with both the reality and fantasies of space. Using only a “Farfisa Vip 202 R organ, Roland TR-606 drum machine, and a Siel Orchestra synth,” he conducts a grand tour of the solar system loaded down with sites and phenomenon, alongside memories of historic encounters. Gottardello’s soundtrack for the journey is propulsive, colorful, and cinematic in its clarity; hurling quietly along huge orbits even when a track slows into revery. A Personal Voyage has a few head-ringing moments too, like”Da Qualche Parte, Qualcosa Attende di Essere Scoperto,” (from Sagan’s famous line “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known”) sixteen minutes of build-up to a spectacular buzz. The energy often accelerates into warped passages of brilliant library music, with pulsating beats and thick motorik grooves that plunge the listener deeper into whatever bit of the celestial topography has Gottardello’s ear.

Order A Personal Voyage  via the Maple Death Bandcamp.