Stream: Mike Majkowski – ‘Days and Other Days’

Posted by on May 18, 2017

days and other

Double bassist and composer Mike Majkowski relishes the very-much blurred line between modern composition and electronic atmospherics. On the Days and Other Days LP, his second collection for Austin, Texas purveyors of free jazz and other experimental madness Astral Spirits, this tendency finds a heady, enveloping focus. Quiet loops and drifting drones coaxed from an array of acoustic and electronic instruments, as well as samples and field-recordings, give a cinematic, ethereal feel.

On brilliant earlier efforts like “Carnival of Decay” from his 2015 debut for Astral Spirits Neighbouring Objects and the winter follow-up for Bocian, Bright Astonishment of the Night, Majkowski’s tremulous repetitions on double bass could suspend time and bleach the space around them monochrome. Like Side A of Neighbouring Objects, Days and Other Days is all ghostly sound blurred through treatment into abstracted ambience. Distant thudding and seeping aural imagery on a piece like “Meadow” can imbue a mundane scene with alien dread with the best of them (see: basically everything by Francisco López). The spell cast here is ever-so delicate, pulling towards a greatly-magnified landscape very slowly. The crackle that creeps into the side a  opener “Chapter” surfaces again on the final piece “Growth,”  like the skitterings at beginning and end of some nocturnal world. An essential of the year — lovely and imaginative.

Preorder Days and Other Days — out May 26th — via Bandcamp.