Sadistic Candle/Run Dust – ‘Peach Broth’

Posted by on May 16, 2017


Barrett Avner (formerly of lo-fi garage legends Sic Alps) has been using the name Sadistic Candle for a while now, debuting the moniker with a tape on Sun Ark back in 2011. The project has been way more productive as of late, with another Sun Ark release (a double split with his own AC Band) in 2015, and a recent tape for Leaving Records as well. On this outing for Cuts By Calzonetti, he brings simmering lo-fi acid techno streaked with dusty guitar solos, perfect for cruising down a California desert highway to. Opener “Global Grifters” is the most buzzed, kinetically charged Candle track here. The others are a bit more lowdown, although has a nice smack to its beats, especially combined with the blackened delay. Sort of like Torn Hawk, but maybe with more restrained guitar heroics. On the other side, Run Dust (label owner Luke Calzonetti) starts off with suspenseful, organ-laced analog techno on opening track “Elinor,” but then gets much stranger and more unhinged. His sounds often seem to knock into each other and produce perturbed, calamitous reactions. The proceedings aren’t quite “at random” though, as it seems like there’s a sense of order, even if it is off-beat. “Bothering the Head” seems a bit more structured like the first piece, but there’s still some chaos percolating behind the beats.

Peach Broth is available directly from Cuts By Calzonetti, just email cutsbycalzonetti [at] gmail [dot] com for ordering information.