Premiere: Marker – “Now I Know What You Really Think”

Posted by on May 4, 2017


Medical Records are a dependable go-to but lately they seem to have the market cornered on squirmy new wave and psychedelic variations. New Orleans artist Mike Wilkinson fits the bill nicely, delivering a fantastic combination of cough syrup beats and muted bad vibes on his eponymous debut full-length as Marker. “Now I Know What You Really Think” exemplifies this approach by cutting the listener off from a surefire jam after the opening drum shots. Those drums could lead to full on punk electronica or a universe of fast-paced beauty. Instead, they presage a slow motion rager that can hardly lift itself out of its own spectacular, watery bass. Dragging vocals and feedbacking noise complete the vibe, creating a fully visualized experience — appropriately enough, since Wilkinson cites “unreliable memory” in the themes for the album. Those overflowing feedback waves and chord changes on the refrain are strong as ever, perfect for watching the polar caps melt in real time while the cradle of consumerism rocks you along. Marker is a perfect antidote, with beats and walls of sound that mirror every possible contradiction within these layers.

Marker is out later this summer via Medical Records.