Line Gate – ‘Den’

Posted by on May 3, 2017

line gate - den

Sometimes a simple premise can be incredibly satisfying, particularly when it strikes an interesting balance or underscores something important, pleasurable, or otherwise. Prague-based experimental recorder Michal Vaľko’s new Line Gate cassette Den is that, a “simple concept with a clear vision.” Den offers “A deep dive into endless repetition without any disturbing intervention, with only soft modulation of a hurdy-gurdy drone resonance.” Chances are you’ve probably heard something like this before, perhaps regardless of your musical proclivities. Den can serve well as background music, a strong anvil to withstand the hammer of perception, a wonderfully textured backbone for domestic activity. The sound can also center an awareness that builds in the gut or claws its way into the nest of your third eye. Not that Den is a single unchanging tone otherwise, it has plenty of room for minutiae and movement, amplified or minimized as the listener modulates their awareness. Simona Deščičková’s violin contribution also adds a pleasant, muted tension and extra detail around the cassette’s midsection. To say it was meditative also risks a misleading impression, because it is undoubtedly a sound that invites consciousness. Like other natural supplements though, Den might be best when taken on a full stomach.

Order Den via the handicraft mavens at Slovakian imprint Mappa, and keep an eye out for other unique additions.