V/A – ‘Siyavakashela Vol. 1: Cincinnati’

Posted by on April 25, 2017


Heligator Records is due to break a recent quiet spell with Siyavakashela Vol. 1, a new compilation series that proprietor Ryan Hall is starting off with a focus on artists from the label’s homebase Cincinnati. For the inaugural collection Hall assembled a “motley crew,” which in this case means wildly eclectic. Vol. 1 features 19 tracks that run the gamut, including “minimal synth-punk pioneer John Bender, ex-Wasteland Jazz Unit noise rock project Slow Crime, Why? percussionist Josiah Wolf’s collaboration with Israeli-born composer Ofir Klemperer and post-punk upstarts Amanda’s Scanner” — and that’s just tracks one through four. The cryptically titled opener “,” a new track from reclusive German-born composer John Bender, is arguably one of the most surprising tidbits to see here (start this compilation with your speakers or headphones set to a happy medium, or you might upset something), but the collection never wears thin. It cycles pleasantly between extremes, though heavier beginnings eventually give way to jazzier tracks and more oblique digressions; the pleasant meander of Poole Olbrecht or Rus Barbour and Nathan Moore, the mellow tone-crafting of Zijnzijn Zijnzijn! or Nature Was Here. Many methods and outcomes, but with a surprisingly coherent progression to follow — a swanky representation of Cincinnati at the very least.

As always, 100% of the proceeds go toward upkeep for the Malindza Refugee Reception Center Library in Swaziland, Africa. Download or order on CD via the Heligator Bandcamp.