Snakes of Pennsylvania – ‘S/T’

Posted by on April 24, 2017

snakes of pa

The last batch of tapes from Field Hymns dropped in late 2016, and alongside crazy synth jammers from the likes of Yves Malone (whose Death House 4 is absolutely mental) and Manville Heights (a video game soundtrack gone awry) is this soothing set of tunes released by a pair of gentlemen obliquely known as Snakes of Pennsylvania (try Googling it). Thad Kellstadt and Kevin Molloy pair lackadaisically plucked and strummed guitars with fields of gentle yet somewhat odd synthesizer tones, allowing their songs to slowly billow outward, the music striding confidently yet unhurriedly as it unfolds. Each piece is a gorgeous slice of lo-fi greatness, a delicious morsel baked just long enough by Kellstadt and Molloy to convey its raw beauty, rarely lasting more than a moment. When warts do show themselves, such as when the duo are caught counting off some of the songs (in the manner of Lou Barlow’s Sentridoh recordings), they are charming and feel almost necessary to capture the care-free nature of the music itself. The loose, unpolished nature of this tape is a cause for celebration, it is what makes these songs such a pleasure to consume.

Alas, these serpentine passages of sound are sold out in physical form, so scour the web and distros for a copy of this distinctive cassette — though it’s streaming in full via Bandcamp.