FIIT – ‘Rat / Venom’ & ‘Horse Stance’

Posted by on April 20, 2017


If you’ve got $4 and a mind to invest in a new black and white and bastion of Indiana weird, consider downloading the inaugural releases from techno label Puff Boys Records: two EPs from Puff Boys proprietor Wyatt Worcel’s project FIIT, both quickly sold out on tape while the rest of the world gathered at various sinkholes to anticipate a flying pig migration. In lieu of that, we’re left with two excellent packages of blistering, juke-wise acid techno, Horse Stance and the slightly more recent Rat/Venom. FIIT,  pronounced “fight” according to Worcel’s SoundCloud, is all about speed, force, and clarity. While Rat/Venom offers a pair of long-form burners and a slightly bigger sound, Horse Stance sticks around longer for more of an album experience, also offering it’s own creative alternative to the flighted variety of pig we mentioned. In that vein, Puff Boys and FIIT definitely feel like the sort of muzak that might at least incidentally undermine Mike Pence when heard and supported. The title of track five from Horse Stance goes so far as to claim that he “is a SCOBY.” As much as I like kombucha, a sloppy bacterial medium is probably the appropriate direction.

Download Rat/Venom and Horse Stance via the Puff Boys Bandcamp, and keep your eyes peeled for a new tape from UK producer ‘King Mental this summer.