Sarin – ‘Just Beat the Devil Out of It’

Posted by on April 17, 2017


For anyone that grew up napping to Bob Ross’ incomparable The Joy of Painting, there is a secret kernel of violence lingering just below the show’s surface, a shocking nook where aggression is presented very differently. Of course I mean Ross’ uber-violent method for emptying paint thinner. All he needs to do with a loaded brush is “just beat the devil out of it,” and beat it he did, in virtually every episode, gleefully repeating the phrase constantly in between shots of rescued baby animals and gentle murmurings about nature. As a kid, I wondered if Bob was somehow indulging in his true nature, so encountering it here — on Sarin’s cassette Just Beat the Devil Out of It — particularly in association with “Sarin,” feels like a code for assertive weirdness. With those big soulful gremlin eyes up there, who could resist?

Dark as that corner might be in Bob’s world, I’ve more or less been saving this as a personal  ray-of-sunshine introduction to spring 2017. A time capsule from the simple times of August of last year, when we all thought our frustration could get no worse and a particularly obnoxious pile of rope seemed blissfully close to running out. As far as I can tell Just Beat the Devil Out of It is Sarin’s debut, but other than that all we know via 5CM is that we have “Matt, Kyle, Kaylee, and Mathias” to thank for the vibrant din on this unique cassette. Recorded in two passages, “Phthalo Green” I and II, Sarin’s debut offers limber, psycho-skronk, all instrumental noise acrobatics. The foursome swirl in and out of mini drone tornadoes, picking up pieces in various configurations before dispersing into echo and clang. Thanks again to Matt, Kyle, Kaylee, and Mathias, for underscoring the potent healing powers of sludged stoner-metal! Hopefully they do it again soon.

Order Just Beat the Devil Out of It via 5CM Recordings’ Bandcamp.