Fuck Lungs – ‘S/T’

Posted by on March 13, 2017


Curt Oren has a new hat — or he did have a new hat back in 2015. He was so proud of his new hat, he went out and rented a billboard to announce it to the world. But enough about Curt’s new hat. Oren also happens to be a nomadic saxophonist, who can turn his lungs inside out and spit fire. He has sporadically self-released solo and collaborative material (along with homemade cookies, exotic t-shirts imprinted with — for example — his own butt, that sort of thing), and is in his own words a “frequent collaborator.” Joe Hess hails from St. Louis and is a physics-defying pummeler of the skins. As a team, these two are known as Fuck Lungs and they shred tympanic membranes with their volcanic sax/drums/electronics workouts. Hats off to Already Dead Tapes for cramming the duo’s potent and challenging sorcery onto a compact cassette, to be devoured by noise junkies and jazz hounds alike. Especially unique to this tape is the post-processing and electronics, which add an extra dimension of abrasion to the already blown-out sonics that naturally emanate from Oren and Hess’ implements. The combo tap into a vein that is both common among the plethora of sax/drum pairings that continue to litter the jazz world, yet unique enough that they’re not likely to get lost in the crowd. They flex their muscles, yet are also sensitive enough to know when to show restraint.

Fuck Lungs is still available in an ultra-limited quantity from the Already Dead Bandcamp, so snap your copy up pronto.