Dane Law – ‘r​.​bit’

Posted by on March 8, 2017


First you make a roux. The adage of cajun and creole cooking is so familiar that it can even be applied to music. If the story is to be believed, Dane Law discovered an Orbit techno tape in an abandoned car off a North West England highway — a relic that would provide the source material roux to produce r.bit, a collection of disfigured tracks chopped and splintered beyond recognition. Aside from Orbit, the sound emerges from the murky world of Chain Reaction and Basic Channel by way of Autechre. “R.bit3.2” and “r.bit7.5” deliver “virtual shoegaze,” the latter’s skipping beat joined by a murmuring human voice. The penultimate groovy “r.bit11.2” is a New Wave/trip hop blend. Skipping-CD club bangers “r.bit9.3” and “r.bit4.2” ensure the frenzied energy is never far away.

The 10-minute ambient closer “r.bit2.2” accompanies the game’s other curiosity: a video game. In the r.bit app, the player controls a spaceship gliding through the vast reaches of space. Along the way, you’ll encounter portals and floating mini-planets, but the focus is on exploration rather than any clear mission, an example of the “sandbox” genre where mere play is the goal. Since the game is anything but a high-octane adventure, Law’s frantic music may seem incongruous to the game’s languorous pace, but the game functions more as an interactive screensaver for scrutinizing the music, our eyes given a respite from daily distractions.

The r.bit cassette and game are available via the Genot Centre Bandcamp.