Multiple Man – ‘New Metal’

Posted by on March 6, 2017


I think aptly named Brisbane duo Multiple Man’s debut longplayer for DKA will be a particularly satisfying record for any fan of the label, particularly as it closes a gap begun nearly a full solar orbit ago with Boy Harsher’s Yr Body Is Nothing. Though in all fairness, each addition to the slow-grown stem of futuristic darkwave at DKA is momentous, as much for new obsessives as for those who fondly remember one of its early ancestors in Featureless Ghost. Many of the best elements to that tint and tilt continue to define the label, even while its new Strategies Against the Body and DKA Tape Programme compilations help slowly define a wider field. The album also comes on the heels of US tours with DKA proprietor Matt Weiner in 2016 and their own short dry spell.

First teased in January at The Brvtalist, the all-caps-certified touchstones on New Metal are affirmed by the band, twin brothers Sean and Chris Campion, and I’m sure ring true: “BURNING CHROME, CROSS CONTINENTAL HI-NRG, FIRM HANDSHAKE ELECTRONIC BODY MUSIC.” The resulting fumes are politely corrosive, the atmosphere introverted but forward, tightly focused in execution, both in the ways one might imagine of twins — two charged conduits expressing themselves powerfully, whether in contrast or unison. Glimmers of acid house and industrial techno, a penchant for drone and gurgling cyborg synths, Multiple Man balances a whole palette of aural dystopics and packs it into a prism of infectious, new wave EBM.

Order New Metal via DKA Records.