Grape Room – ‘WHAT the Frog-Man Knows’

Posted by on February 16, 2017

frog-man knows

Grape Room is the outer child of “OSR correspondent” Peter Nichols’ inner child, advancing the same positive, purple agenda we found on his Purple Slime cassette for BUFU and Cartoon Land LP on Feeding Tube back in 2015. His latest, adequately described as a “report on the current state of the Frog-man’s knowledge” arrived last September in the “final” wave of releases from Zach Phillips’ OSR label, anticipating a busy season under his own shared operation in Los Angeles — the radically good hearted not-for-profit Nicey Music. WHAT the Frog-Man Knows is aggressively unassuming for a such an immediately multifaceted sound, full of soaring keys and curtains of layered synth-work, and candy, lots of candy; Tic Tacs of every persuasion and “bubblegum on every star,” bubblegum on quite a lot in fact. For all that I admit the interludes are my favorite, the meandering, soap bubble-pipe smoking sway of “Frogman Reflects” in particular, but the closer “Frogman’s Christmas” has its own admirable peaks. Bouncing bubblegum synth stuff for ears with gardens to grow.

Stream WHAT the Frog-Man Knows below and order via OSR. While we’re at it, I can’t recommend Nicey’s LP with Plum Professional enough — it’s called Employee Handbook, it’s Luke Csehak of Lentils fame with “MIDI wizard” Michael Chadwick, and it’s very groovy, so listen after you’ve gotten caught up with the Frog-Man.