Havre De Grace – ‘Black Sea II’

Posted by on February 8, 2017

black sea ii

Havre De Grace is an international trio comprised of Krys Drazek and Brent Fuscaldo from Chicago’s Mako Sica, and Jorg Schneider of the German projects Roji & Nicoffeine. Does playing together live sound difficult yet? In order to record, Brent and Krys flew over to Germany, and,  as you may expect, Havre De Grace made the most of their time together. Despite the name, Black Sea II is the first document to emerge from the group’s fruitful communion, though there is much more material, some of which is set to be released on Somnimage in the relatively near future.

Musically though, there is something deeply meditational about Black Sea II. As on Mako Sica, Brent’s reverberating baritone is present, though it takes on more of an ambient role, not being overly high in the mix. Jorg’s drumming is revelatory but measured, as rooted in jazz as drone, and not unwilling to indulge in the occasional freakout. Krys’ guitar-playing is equally open-ended — willing to provide rhythm or lead in melody. Though improvised, the group display a clear chemistry, giving and taking from each other to make the listening experience more well-rounded. Not all improvised music ends up sounding this clear or realized, but Black Sea II is heavy and profound, a testament to the communal prowess of the creative process. And right about now I can’t think of many things more necessary.

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