Premiere: David Liebe Hart & Chip the Black Boy – “Nature Rmx”

Posted by on February 7, 2017


If you’ve been even tenuously following the meteoric rise of L.A. troubador and puppeteer David Liebe Hart, you should be able to share my joy that his star is hitched — at least for a moment — to anything with the words “chopped” and “screwed” involved. The new EP is the first follow-up to his full length “State-Of-The-Art Extra-Shiny, Smooth & Thin Compact Disc” Astronaut from 2015 and the third work in collaboration with prolific producer Jonah Mociun (aka Th’ Mole, DJ 0.000001, Jonah Brown), continuing a brilliant arc of sci-fi / outer-mind sing songs. Mociun is clearly adept at chopping but presumably most of the screw here is indigenous, drawn out of Hart’s natural cadence and delivery into a surreal, sizzurp-soaked exegesis. Three of five tracks remix originals while the two closers are sung by Mociun in the voice of Hart’s rhyme hopping puppet Chip the Black Boy. “Nature” is a remixed original, a trippy bounce through 4-H camp with off-kilter synths and a thickly hazed version of Hart describing wild honey and learning to fish. The track is a weirdly pastoral aside, but one of my favorites from the new duo of Hart and Mociun. Catch the two live in Davis, CA and Reno, NV in March, and on tour in Australia and New Zealand on through April (complete dates here).

Download Chopped & Screwed or subscribe to Hart’s audio output via Bandcamp. I also feel obliged to recommend the duo’s Mociun-produced collection from fellow Tim & Eric Awesome Show pal James Quall, the prescient, enchantingly surfy The World Got Taken Over By Billionaire Scum (released in 2014).