Arvo Zylo – ‘Sequencer Works: Volume Three’

Posted by on February 1, 2017


Prolific experimental recorder and No Part of It proprietor Arvo Zylo recently unveiled the third installment in his aptly titled, two year old Sequencer Works series, out via Midwestern stalwarts KaRyeEye Tapes out of Indiana and Dubuque-based Personal Archives — the latter also home to his 2016 2xCS Heavenly Sounds in Lo​-​Fidelity: Arvo Plays Ferrante & Teicher. Blogger and podcast maven Scott Scholz summarizes in his liner notes: “This is the final volume in a trilogy of Sequencer Works by Arvo Zylo, which together highlight a prolific early period in his work, centered around composing exclusively with a late-90s Yamaha Rmix . . . predating most of the material found in the first two volumes.” According to Zylo’s own notes on the collection, many of these tracks are fleshed out sketches sourced from defunct one-off projects, unrealized or unfinished collaborations; some were made for an industrial project, others for film, and some primarily for performance. While Heavenly Sounds was a heady mishmash adventure, you’ll find the Sequencer Works series more than potent enough to occasionally rouse even the most sedentary neighbors — in all likelihood conducting them straight to your door for a (maybe deserved) bit of remonstration. Expect a healthy gauntlet of friendly pummels and squelching, interspersed with very, very deceptive quiet, and sometimes all at once.

Order Sequencer Works: Volume Three via Personal Archives or KaRyeEye. While you’re at it, Volume Two is streaming via Zylo’s own No Part of It imprint and a few lingering copies of Volume One (2015) are still hanging around at Out of Body Records.