Glass Frog – ‘Hakuna Montuno’

Posted by on January 31, 2017


Glass Frog does not lie: there is no montuno to be found in Hakuna Montuno. This is no rumba, this music is a slathering of synthetic secretions; a triptych originating from esoteric circuitry, worn knobs, frayed patch cords, and partially-obfuscated LEDs. Konrad Kamm — the personality behind the amphibious moniker — is a master synthesist, right at home on Mike Nigro’s Oxtail Recordings label, which in its short existence has emitted the exuberant outpourings of a small cabal of like-minded sound artists. “Goof Stupor” sets a tone that is not quite languorous, more viscera-wrenching with its low frequency rumbling and extraterrestrial bleeping. Orbiting the planet has never felt so gastrically challenging. On the other hand, “Sobbing Mime” is a virtual gut punch of emotion, a sonic sigh fit to separate our tear ducts from their briny contents. The flip side contains but one composition, the hypnotic “Bead Net for a Mummy.” With this piece, a Peter Gunn-era Henry Mancini is charged with tearing apart the inner workings of a modular synthesizer while an intoxicated Robby the Robot lurches violently nearby. Overall, it’s a winner to be sure, its throbbing pulse penetrating ever deeper into the mind with each repeated listen.

Hakuna Montuno is available directly from the Oxtail Recordings Bandcamp, but it’s limited to 50 copies, so waltz on over quickly in order to be seduced by these alien rhythms.