Ropal Jagnu – ‘Junior’s Choice’

Posted by on December 13, 2016


Junior’s Choice is a mighty fine serving of sludge. Not a toxic waste sort of sludge, but a confection with the texture of melted ice cream mixed with the thickest caramel. This music flows, but it resists motion. Ropal Jagnu’s synths, guitars and vocals are slathered in grime, emblazoned with the artifacts of low fidelity. The low end is jacked up, the guitars swim in lava, and the vocals are whispered from the other end of a cave. “Big Tuft” is drowning in static yet manages to conjure up a groove beneath its caustic synth calligraphy. The spirit of early Cabaret Voltaire haunts the vocal delivery of “Messy Stuff” and “The Big Meeting,” the latter of which features a catatonia-inducing guitar solo (a compliment, by the way). There are damaged songs lurking in the background of “A Really Good Time” and “All the Time Tango Man,” masked by the bleating of a deranged synthesizer and the apparent destruction of the source material by dub-influenced thugs. Normalcy seeps above the chaos when “Rock Shop” spews forth a recognizable melody, but “Very Bad Feet” provides the soundtrack to the churning of a robot’s viscera, proving that Ropal Jagnu is as weird as you or I.

Junior’s Choice is available in an edition of 30 and there are still some tapes left, so fire up your wallet and hit up the OJC Recordings Bandcamp for a taste.