Honnda – ‘Diamonds in the Microwave’

Posted by on November 11, 2016


Last September Brooklyn-based producer Honnda helped Orange Milk push deeper into their vein of net-skronk and inquisitive footwork with his Diamonds in the Microwave cassette, a bass-heavy bounce and burst of carefully recycled sonics. Tiny Mix Tapes called it “crispy around the corners and slushy in the middle” and Stereogum posits a “nightclub made of melting candy and power tools,” all in fairness — even the name feels a little like a Zen Koan for hyperrealists, obliquely challenging the listener’s awareness of material physics to supply imagery for the assault of radiation on super-hard carbon. Steeply tilted percussion and treated vocals are a frequent centerpiece, exemplified by the sampled shouts on opener “Box Outs” or  New York-based Dai Burger‘s contribution to “Mega Millionz.” Obviously, the necessary outcome with 2016 technology is the microwave exploding sensationally, but Honnda still manages to squeeze an exciting menagerie from every unseen fracture.

Download the now sold-out cassette via Orange Milk or pick up a copy of the limited vinyl edition from Attracted Vinyl (nicely priced at 10 bucks).