Sunken Cheek – “From Behind”

Posted by on September 15, 2016


Judging from its beginnings, I thought that “From Behind” — from Sunken Cheek’s eponymous flexi on Soft Exit Records — was going to be a fairly straightforward listen. A little John Carpenter, a little noise, but boy was I wrong. While I could easily describe the track as “dense,” its attendant connotations would do the track a disservice. What I mean is that Weston Czerkies, the sole architect of Sunken Cheek, packs a fuckton of unease, tension, and intrigue into a piece running slightly under six minutes. There are tracks that build and there are tracks that build and this is one of the latter, mired in a swirling, gyroscopic miasma of sound and misanthropy, unable to betray the laws of inertia, becoming that unstoppable force, the combination of too much mass infused with too many joules. And yet, stop it does, as Weston emits one last cry into the darkness before it all fades away.

Order the “From Behind” flexi from Soft Exit Records.