Wander – ‘Kat Gat Sea’

Posted by on June 15, 2016

Kat Gat Sea

In modern times the human soul can feel detached from its immediate reality, and this detachment gives rise to new, mutant pathways. This openness gives us a taste of freedom, of options, and then it challenges us to consider “What do I do with it? How to walk this open field?” One can either force their way through, feeding and enhancing confusion, or try to make real choices and give weight to each path. I see Wander’s Kat Gat Sea as a ride through these places, like mapping space in a notebook with little drawings, arrows pointing to drafted remarks. Vincenzo De Luce and Matteo Tranchesi call themselves, first and foremost, a folk duo; before any exploration or experimentation they display their badges as folk musicians. Guitar is their primary instrument, their compass and rifle: always leading the way, well calibrated from the start by the album opener “Unfinished Departures.” From there they drift and observe the world they find farther down the path. They walk, stop, review things, remember others, retrace plans, struggle, and sleep — all properly recorded in their notebook for later reference.

Kat Gat Sea was released on cassette earlier this spring by Polish label Wounded Knife and though it’s sadly sold out, downloads are still available on the label’s Bandcamp — alongside four new releases, out last month and still in print as of my writing.