CE Schneider Topical – “No Eyes Too”

Posted by on May 23, 2016


There’s a chance you won’t hear anything as delightful or playful as musician and designer Christina Schneider’s second LP as CE Schneider Topical with Zach Phillips, but don’t let the enjoyable sheen of this loosely produced pop lull your ears out of focus. On Antifree the duo build complex and potent songs, bite-sized earworm after earworm on a 17-track LP. The production seems to take its loopy, let’s-stay-together-for-the-bass cues from new wave (or rhythm & blues) to the farthest extreme possible. Here, a range of unclassifiable noise and percussion, as well as sounds masquerading as synths/keys, guitars/bass, or woodwind enter and exit as needed, creating an often unpredictable but always welcome melee of sounds. “No Eyes Too” is as short and direct a representation of this balance across Antifree, with a slanted beat dissolving into stuttering doowop. The undeniable brightness that emanates from this cut serves as an expert witness to the strength of Schneider and Phillip’s craft. A summer record for the ages!

Antifree is available from OSR.