Stream: Awlnight – ‘Dmitry Chaykin’

Posted by on April 12, 2016

Dmitry Chaykin

Lithuanian-born and Belarus-based beatmaker Awlnight, the latest moniker of Dmitry Lukoits, popped onto our radar last-year thanks to Like it Loud, a lengthy split cassette with Japanese producer ΔKTR for San Francisco’s venerable beat-outpost Fuzzoscope and most recently on Inner Ocean’s new label comp; though if you watch Dmitry’s Bandcamp you’ll know he keeps himself well-paced. His latest, somewhat cryptically titled Dmitry Chaykin, explores familiar territory — sampled ephemera and vinyl oddities — but if anything in a more tightly packed singularity. Lukoits collapses 80s “funk, soul, hip-hop and prog-rock” into the urban sense of psychedelics that generally defines the robust beatwork in catalogs like Fuzzoscope or Inner Ocean. Even in that context though, Dmitry Chaykin is free-wheeling, with playful vocal samples and an affinity for the sounds of sludged or strained tech. Not a dull bit in the bunch.

Download or order a limited edition CD version of Dmitry Chaykin via Ezhevika.