Week in Review #113

Posted by on April 9, 2016

Week 113

FFFoxy Podcast #76

“I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather over the past few days, so hopefully the talk breaks don’t sound even more scatterbrained than usual on this episode. I wanted to keep things on track with the podcast, though, this time focusing mostly on a bunch of newer music that has arrived in the past month or two. Of the lot, I’ve been particularly smitten by the latest works from personal favorites like The Lentils, Map 71, Justin Meyers, Talugung, and Fossils. I’ve also been impressed by the releases from new-to-me artists like Klimperei & Éric Chabert, CVN, and Dreamboat. There’s simply a lot of great, wide-reaching sounds featured within this installment. If I had more energy I’d go on a bit more, but I don’t, so I’ll let you just give it a spin and see for yourself. Hope you enjoy this new episode. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments. Thanks for checking in with us.” –David Perron

1. The Lentils “Vacuumed by the Moon” Brattleboro Is Flooding LP (Feeding Tube)
2. Klimperei & Éric Chabert sing John B. Cornaway “Spoil” Dealings LP (Bruit Direct Disques)
3. Hammering The Cramps “Smothered Wives” S/T LP (Wormwood Grasshopper)
4. Simon Kingston “Locust Song” 4 Stupid Songs + If It’s Dead Don’t Eat It CS (OJC Recordings)
5. East of the Valley Blues “N’ajuster” S/T (self-released)
6. Mike Barrett & Tom Crean “Saigon” Casual Luddites CD-R (Kendra Steiner Editions)
7. Grant Evans “Repose” (excerpt) Repose CD (Adversary)
8. (Talk break)
9. Map 71 “Tough Blondes” Sado Technical Exercise CD (Foolproof)
Germ Class “Scripted” Eat Bitter 3” CD-R (Subsist)
10. CVN “Grey Matter” Matters CS (Orange Milk)
11. Justin Meyers “Exit Interview” Negative Space (1981-2014) LP (Sympathy Limited)
12. Talugung “B1” Folded Spring CS (Power Moves Library)
13. Intersystems “Orange Juice & Velvet Underwear” Number One / Intersystems 3CD (Alga Marghen)
14. Jed Speare “Sleep Tight” (excerpt) Sound Works 1982-1987 2CD (Family Vineyard)
(Talk break)
15. Dreamboat “Aftershock” S/T LP* (MIE)
16. Gregg Skloff “Over the Glacial Enclosure” The Glacial Enclosure CS (Eiderdown)
17. The Naked Future “We Fly Beneath and Above the Flux” Gigantomachia CD (ESP-Disk)
18. Fossils “Untitled” Modern Architecture CD-R (Kendra Steiner Editions)
19. Roman Catholics “Apex Legomenon” split w/ Ensemble of Terror CS (Full Body Massage)
Aglaia Is Always Wrong “I Mavri Laterna” Forgetful Diver CD-R (More Mars)
Chihei Hatakeyama “You’re Still In It” (excerpt) You’re Still In It CS (Constellation Tatsu)
20. (Talk break)
21. AMM “After Rapidly Circling the Plaza” (excerpt) AMMMusic LP (Black Truffle)”

Find out more about the FFFoxy Podcast and submitting material at David’s website, Free Form Freakout.


As some folks may have heard directly from us last week, this installment of the Week in Review will be our last for at least a little while. Though we’re not thrilled at the prospect of sacrificing what’s become a fun part of our routine and a great opportunity to spend time with a real range of interesting projects, a hiatus feels necessary in light of some new developments.

Later in the year, Decoder’s West Virginia editors plan to open a small venue in our home-state. It’s going to be fun and amazing, but it’s also going to be hectic and labor intensive, and considering what a busy year we have planned for the site as well, it makes sense to pare our routine back a little in anticipation. Though having said that, we’ve tremendously enjoyed compiling a weekly miscellany along these lines, and have deeply appreciated all the feedback we’ve gotten about it. The immediate consequences will probably be an uptick in blog coverage from both of us as we reorient ourselves a bit, but we do expect to recommission the Week in Review again before too long.

All the best for now, more from us soon!

Dwight & Liz


#1 – 4.4.16 – Field Hymns announced a sale: “during April use our code ‘taxesarenotcool’ and get 15% off all tapes at our Bandcamp – April can be bad, paper up the holes with some soothing Field Hymns releases.” Click through to their Bandcamp to peruse what’s on offer. -DP


#2 – 4.5.16 – Brooklyn outpost Astro Nautico unveiled an incredible VHS project from foundational new age explorer Iasos, unearthing an old visual meditation first released in 1981: “With Crystal Vista, Iasos’ intended to create a vessel to transport viewers on a journey through inter-dimensional spaces. To achieve this goal he enlisted the assistance of most of the top visionary new-age painters of that time period – blending their images with nature photography, special effects videography, and pictures of celestial bodies captured by satellites.” Click through and listen or order via the Astro Nautico Bandcamp-DP


#3 – 4.5.16 – L.A. garage-rock duo Volunteer Dad are back with their sophomore album, Hotel California Hotel. The first single, “Brand Recognition,” sees them keeping in line with their penchant for catchy guitar riffs and vocal harmonies, but now with a slightly Southwestern, twangy bent added into the 90s-grunge mix. Stream it below and get ready for the album, out April 12 on Some Weird Sin Records. -LP

#4 – 4.5.16 – Following on his wonderful split with Shingles for Oxtail Recordings, Dave Doyen (Vales, 2:00AM Tapes) offers a more varied, full-length solo collection as Sound Out Light via Chicago’s finest, Lillerne Tapes. Though things move around a bit more than the slow, captivating build of his 19-minute split contribution last year, his latest, titled Currents, is more suitably willful. Still dominated by hinged passages of slow growth, a few counterpoints make for a particularly memorable listen. Listen and order via Lillerne-DP

#5 – 4.6.16 – Fire Talk released a music video for “Codeine Eyes,” off Dreamcrusher’s new album Quid Pro QuoCheck out the textural, hypnotic video below, and be sure to remove any small animals or children from the area before turning the volume up. -LP

#6 – 4.7.16 – Calgary’s Inner Ocean Records unveiled an hour-and-a-half long new beat-tape stacked to the gills with fresh contributions, including Minsk-based Dmitry Lukoits, aka Awlnight, and Japan’s ΔKTR — two of a handful of names I recognize on a list with more than three dozen artists. Stream below and order a tape via Inner Ocean-DP

#7 – 4.7.16 – Speaking of Calgary, the psych-pop duo Holgans have marked the band’s quietus with a new six-track EP via Shaking Box Music. Holgans Are Dead gathers songs recorded between 2013 and 2015 and provides a window into the collaboration between Ryan Bourne and Kiarra Albina before it evolves into another form. Stream “Luvdrugz” below and head over here to grab the tape. -LP

#8 – 4.8.16 – Philadelphia-based psych duo Hallowed Bells — Alison Stout and Darian Scatton — shared word of a new track, slated for an upcoming compilation via Washington D.C.’s Blight Records, and following closely on their recent split with Still Sweet. In their announcement Stout writes that it’s their first track to feature vocals, so give kudos in case you run into them on tour this month-DP

#9 – 4.9.16 – Though it won’t be out until this coming week, since this will be our last Week in Review for a while, we’re pleased to premiere Live at Microscope Gallery — a new live cassette from Phinery that preserves a collaborative performance from Jeremy Young and Shinya Sugimoto, orchestrated last year at the Brooklyn space and originally self-released digitally by Sugimoto. It sounds like a fun time, varied but all the same a bit like being cocooned at the center of a hurricane, swaddled in windswept distortion and peppered with piano, samples, and field recordings. Order the tape from Phinery-DP