Tlaotlon – ‘ACACIA A/V’

Posted by on April 7, 2016


I was bad at math in school, so this flexi single, ACACIA A​/​V, doesn’t make much sense to me. Tlaotlon continues in the tradition experimental electronic groups in Western Europe adopting Mesoamerican nomenclature to appear shamanistic or exotic. The project first came to my attention via a split LP with American vocalist Katie Gately, a phenomenal pairing to say the least. But unlike other instances of aboriginal appropriation, Tlaotlon executes this vision with far more refinement of substance — it’s strictly a shamanism of sound and structure. No bells and whistles and dreamcatchers, so to speak, just raw rhythms churning in a fog.

The decision-trees determining beat quantization here must involve nothing short of linear algebra or multivariable calculus, two subjects I never even bothered to try. When I got a B in 9th grade Geometry, my parents restricted my internet use to one hour a day until my grades were perfect, so I’d scour message boards to download as much punk and noise as I could to get through the remaining 23 hours of hell. If only I had then discovered music with the fascinating numerical complexity of Tlaotlon, maybe I would have studied harder! (Sorry mom, I never did get an A in math.)

Tlaotlon sounds like that experience. You can feel the desperation, amid the skittering processed hi-hats and constantly shifting tempos, the sheer maddening thirst for hearing something new. It’s physically impossible to dance or sit still to this record; in all likelihood, your head will just eventually explode. Labyrinthine arpeggios and indecipherable polyrhythms keep this firmly grounded in a terrain not too far from techno, jungle, garage, and IDM, yet nevertheless wholly apart from any musical flock. That’s the credo of Weird Ear Records, and by transitive property, it’s the quasi-ideology you’re signing up for when you consume the label’s glittery flexi-disc series. We can’t wait to hear what’s next.

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