Week in Review #112

Posted by on April 2, 2016

Week 112

#1 – 3.28.16 – The Bandcamp Blog ran an extensive feature on Dust-to-Digital’s wonderful Music of Morocco: Recorded by Paul Bowles, 1959, a career-capping collection that Bowles recorded across North Africa while working “under the auspices of the Library of Congress” — with the piece for Bandcamp coming courtesy of long-time music writer and arts critic Richard Gehr. Check out the piece at Bandcamp and Music of Morocco, out as of April 1st, at Dust-to-Digital-DP

#2 – 3.29.16 – Portugal’s A Giant Fern imprint shared a new visual accompaniment for their tape with Connecticut-based Lee Camfield’s well-refined Dusted Lux project, all somber, languid keys and an unhurried amble of other noises, set to warped segments of landscape footage. Watch that below and click through to A Giant Fern for more info. -DP

#3 – 3.29.16 – Spool’s Out Radio managed to orchestrate a live session with Chicago-based experimental recorder Natalie Chami, aka TALsounds and one-third of Hausu Mountain’s flagship Goodwill Smith project, alongside their normal mix featuring a slew of Decoder friends; Gábor Kovács’s Új Bála project, and bits from Yerevan, Geographic North, and even Hausu. Tune in here-DP

#4 – 3.29.16 – Oakland-based synth wizard Russell E.L. Butler unfurled a new track from his upcoming album, Visions of the Future. “Blowing Trees” is a laid-back jam, featuring a modular sound that ranges between a woodwind tone and a marimba, hence (part of) the title’s reference. The album comes out April 20 on Jacktone Records; head over to The Fader in the meantime to stream the chill single. -LP

#5 – 3.29.16 – More Ease is back with a new cassette titled DOM@N3 (pronounced “domain”.) The title track is a fast-paced, twangy ride that features both real and midi orchestration, plus a slew of beats and samples that walk a fine line between dancey and slightly anxiety-inducing. Put your spurs on and stream the single below, and mosey over to Never Anything Records to pre-order the gorgeous tape, out April 7. -LP

#6 – 3.29.16 – Baltimore-based archivist Ian Nagoski, who runs Canary Records, unveiled a kickstarter to fund a hefty 3xLP set compiling music from “a small circle of independent record labels” that released music for New York’s Near-Eastern immigrant population in the mid 20th-century. Nagoski’s description makes it sound like a blast: “Armenians, Bulgarians, Greeks, Jews, and Turks, they were, by the 1940s, by and large middle-aged and seasoned veterans of the coffe-houses and “Oriental” nighclubs of Manhattan,” and the culmination — titled Don’t Let Me Be Lost To You: Near-Eastern Music in Ne York City ca. 1942-55 — will be accompanied by extensivg e liner notes and translations. Click through to Kickstarter to check out the project. -DP

#7 – 3.30.16 – Experimedia posted a relaxingly pink and purple visual accompaniment for one of a trio of closing remixes — this one in particular via Brendon Anderegg — collected to flesh out their self-titled album Brooklyn-based experimental recorder Jeremy Hurewitz’s solo Rootless project. The video is courtesy of Gabe Raines, and Rootless is available from Experimedia… and if you’re desperate for gossip, the distro’s proprietor Jeremy Bible also recently made his meticulous 2013 album Collisions free-to-download via Bandcamp through April. -DP

#8 – 3.30.16 – Andy Stott announced a new album, Too Many Voices, due April 22 on Modern Love. The first single, “Butterflies,” sees Stott employing his signature swath of bass-heavy beats topped with frosty r&b vocals — check out the amazingly-choreographed video for the track below, and head over here to pre-order the gatefold, double LP (on colored vinyl.) -LP

#9 – 3.30.16 – Around this time last year we premiered a remix of Holly Waxwing’s “Vibe,” courtesy of Baltimore’s Co La, from his Peach Winks EP for Cascine and now the remix train continues with a bouncy treatment from SoundCloud producer Crapface. Stream below or click through for more at SoundCloud-DP

#10 – 3.30.16 – London dub outpost Bokeh Versions streamed a new mixtape from Dimitris Papadatos’s Jay Glass Dubs project, Glacial Dancehall, a half-an-hour long slab of icy-slow “mutations, pitched and screwed.” Order a copy on tape via Bokeh-DP

#11 – 3.30.16 – Leaving Records shared the “Space Collage Hybrid music” of thee fourth installment in DJ/producer Carlos Niño’s ongoing series of collaborative releases, this time queued up with “Madlib, Kamasi Washington, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson” — a regular collaborator –“Iasos, Luis Pérez Ixoneztli, Dexter Story, and more.” The sample from Flutes, Echoes, It’s All Happening! gives the impression of a jazzed-up album of cinematic psych fancies, though even its dual character and oddball ending leaves the full scope of things unclear. Stream that below or click through to Leaving for more info. -DP

#12 – 3.31.16 – After a few years of playing live shows and releasing demo tracks (and a short EP), New York-based glam/punk rockers T-Rextasy unveiled their debut full-length, Jurassic Punk. The first single, “Chik’N,” features smart lyrics about doing away with demeaning, food-themed nicknames that get tossed around too often, usually coming from strangers (“honey,” “sweetie pie,” etc) — not to mention, the track is pretty catchy, too. Stream it below and jump over to Miscreant or Father/Daughter Records to pre-order the tape, due May 20. -LP

#13 – 3.31.16 – Austin based tape collective Somatic launched with a trio of new “left field totemic curios,” a who’s-who trio of cassettes from several of the experienced experimental Austinites involved; including Lee Dockery / Smokey Emery, duo How I Quit Crack, and a JT Whitfield split with Quttinirpaaq. Follow the label on Facebook or peruse the new tapes on Bandcamp-DP


#14 – 4.1.16 – Belgian free-form psych imprint Sloow Tapes shared a spectacular nine-minute track from proprietor Bart De Paepe’s new Ilta Hämärä collaboration with Timo van Luijk, via their SoundCloud. For now it’s only available at concerts in a small edition, via Luijk’s own La Scie Dorée label, but fingers crossed it will make a wider appearance soon. -DP

#15 – 4.2.16 -Tonight is the first of three chances for New Yorkers and North Carolinians to snag a copy of New Body’s tour split for  Carrboro-based Sponge Bath and Raleigh’s Patrick Gallagher, as they wrap up a wee East Coast tour. Check out some “snippets” and their remaining dates below. -DP

Saturday 4/2: NYC @ Mig’s house w/ L. Lewis & SECRET GUEST
Sunday 4/3: Boone @ Black Cat w/ Kendall Cahan
Saturday 4/9: Chapel Hill @ NightLight, release party for Sponge Bath, Golden Light, 12″ on Tone Log