Week in Review #108

Posted by on March 5, 2016

Week 108

#1 – 2.29.16 – In addition to their new Fursaxa LP, Sloow Tapes announced the release of a print publication that chronicles the first 10 years of the label — titled Mellow My Mind: A Sloow Tapes Discography, the book gives an overview of all the tapes, LPs, and other goodies that they’ve released in the past decade. A co-production with Kraak, the book comes in full color and is limited to 300 copies. Check out the cover below and head over here to order one. -LP


#2 – 2.29.16 – Aux ran a great album retrospective on Japanese “freak-rock legends” Boredoms, the sprawling experimental rock ensemble of Yamantaka Eye. Check it out at Aux-DP

#3 – 2.29.16 – Speaker Footage unleashed their “leap year batch,” including tapes from RSS B0YS, Bary Center, Cryptosystem II, and Sima Kim. Scoot on over to their bandcamp to check ’em out; you can grab all four in a bundle for only $18! -LP

#4 – 2.29.16 – Following their placement last month in Electronic Beats’ guided to Chinese cassette labels, Beijing-based Nasty Wizard Recordings unveiled a new split from label co-founder Michael Cupoli, aka Noise Arcade, and Borneo noise-wrangler Theo Nugraha. Noise Arcade may ring some bells for Decoder readers thanks to Cupoli’s Moving Past Things Now Gone cassette for Metaphysical Circuits, though both have cropped up periodically through international labels, with Nugraha claiming several years of genuinely prolific output. The split contrasts nicely, Cupoli’s a-side devoted to mellow electronics while Nugraha spins out nearly twenty minutes of harsh, chiseled noise. Stream or download via the Nasty Wizard Bandcamp, though you may have to hunt for tape copies. -DP

#5 – 3.1.2016 – Dublab spent “one very pleasant hour” with Orange Milk Records, ” previewing upcoming label material and other recent favorites. There is a focus on the Japanese electronic underground with segments dedicated to Foodman and Yamaguchi’s DJWWWW and toiret status, a look at the newest Orange Milk cassette batch featuring CVNMagic the HappeningNV, and Charles Barabé, and tracks from Columbus avant-garde metal band Drose, hyperrealist composer Noah Creshevsky, and more.” Click through to Dublab to stream. -DP

#6 – 3.2.16 – Phinery coyly announced Four Way Split #2, an upcoming tape from Philippe Vandal (one of the Acte coordinators we ran across recently), Wanda Group, Umfang, and Cold Clouds. You can peep the artwork below while we eagerly await that bad boy. -LP


#7 – 3.2.16 – To celebrate their 50th release, Adhesive Sounds unveiled a new tape, 20th Century Masters – The Millennium Collection: The Unsung Heroes of Vaporwave. The compilation features 22 top-of-the-line tracks from some of the genre’s best but for now less recognizable names, including Curb Cobain, Replica Federation, waterfront dining, DIGITΛL WΛVES, and many more. Gotta love that album art, too. Unsurprisingly, the (very) limited edition tapes have already sold out, but you can still grab the digital over here. -LP

#8 – 3.4.16 – Zany, Cologne-based post-vaporwave outpost Strategic Tape Reserve are keeping up their hazed, but intrepid vigil, releasing a new cassette this week. Attributed to a “young adult of Swedish nationality,” Jöns apparently, Music For Euronews comes with a meandering backstory: “As Jöns grew increasingly dependent on the comfort provided by Euronews, he sought to develop this relationship into something more reciprocal.” For those not familiar, Euronews fills something like the niche occupied by American network agencies. Whether Jöns is real, loved or lost, or even remotely as described by the labelMusic For Euronews is undeniably an enjoyable bit of self-conscious kosmiche ephemera. Download it or buy a tape via the Strategic Tape Reserve-DP