3FoNIA – ‘Mneme’

Posted by on December 22, 2015


Jacek Mazurkiewicz is a Polish contrabassist with quite a beefy resumé, having been involved in a few jazz-based combos with documented evidence on the Multikulti Project label, and heading up the Modular String Trio. Solo, he records as 3FoNIA, augmenting his bass playing with electronics and loops. Mneme is his debut release for the Warsaw-based Pawlacz Perski imprint, one of the finest homes for radical sounds hailing from the Polish metropolis. The tape is split down the middle, with the A Side focusing on deep electronic wizardry and the flip composed of acoustic double bass thunder. Mazurkiewicz massages synthetic goo into gargantuan plutons that emerge from a stew of sonic magma and spike upwards into strange formations. His acoustic playing is equally strident. Long improvisational runs of bowed bass fragments are strung together across the audible spectrum. Extended layers of mid-range tone flow over and around deep pools of low-end drone. Each of 3FoNIA’s Janus-like visages is entrancing in its own right, making Mneme a must-have for droners and jazz-heads alike.

Make a beeline for the the Pawlacz Perski Bandcamp to fetch yourself a copy of this magnificent tape.