Week in Review #93

Posted by on November 7, 2015

Week 93

If you run into our blogs editor Bobby Power, congratulate him on a new job and impending move to from Denver to North Carolina — a good deal closer to our little Appalachian circuit. Hopefully we’ll have him back in the review shortly.

In slightly older news, I wanted to open this week’s review by pointing to a recently uploaded archive of live sets from Portland’s Noon Noise & Pancakes series (exactly what it sounds like), curated by Edward Sharp (Future Death Toll) and which took place from June to August this past summer. The collection includes a lorry load of work from Portland-based artists like Joel Shanahan (Golden Donna, et al), Opaline, Matt Carlson, Scott Goodwin, Jamie Potter, and Felisha Ledesma. Peruse the entire collection on Archive.org.

#1 – 11.1.2015 – Sacred Phrases unveiled the first track, titled “The Wizard’s Kitchen,” from a new collaboration between Norm Chambers of Panabrite and Daryl Groetsch of Pulse Emitter. Called Water Bureau, the project will debut on cassette November 27th. Shortly after sharing that track Sacred Phrases also revealed an upcoming digital EP from proprietor Adam Meyer’s own Dry Valleys project, though there are as of yet no details for that release — stream both tracks below. -DP

#2 – 11.1.2015 – Plastic Response Records released Guitars On Fire, the third and final cassette in their recent series of Modern Art reissues. This album, originally released in 1989, sees Gary Ramon (of Mystery Plane, Sun Dial, and more) taking on a particularly psychedelic bent with bright washes of guitar, intro samples, and jangly rhythms. Stream “Drifting Away” below and stroll over to the PR bandcamp to nab a copy. -LP

#3 – 11.2.2015 – NY’s Godmode label unveiled a full stream of their You’ve Been Sweating Wrong Your Entire Life cassette compilation, which “collects the six new EPs we’re releasing this Fall – Fasano’s The Beach, Hand of God’s Intl Shipping, Fitness’s Fitness, Soft Lit’s Soft Lit, YVETTE’s Time Management, and Malory’s Malory — onto one monster 26-track hallucination of New York in 2015. Every release is quite different — from noise to pop to techno to whatever Fitness is — but all share a similar sense of purpose and grandeur.” Though the compilation leads with a poppier hook from Soft Lit, the entire range and format is indicative of what continues to be a distinctly New York imprint. -DP

#4 – 11.2.2015 – Resident Advisor reported that Further Records will release a Decimus 7, a new LP from New York based Pat Murano’s Decimus project: “How do you deal with the world’s nightmarish montage of bad news, the glut of information that triggers feelings of futility and insanity? One way to cope is to plunge deeper into the madness, at least temporarily, for a dip into the healing pool of catharsis.” Though the LP is officially out December 4th, you can preorder a copy now via the Further Bandcamp-DP

#5 – 11.4.2015 – NPR unveiled “Eliot St.,” the first single from Quilt’s third and upcoming album, Plaza. The track sees the Boston quartet tightening their sound to an even greater extent than before, with perfectly synchronized vocal harmonies, strings, and drummer John Andrews playing a distorted Wurlitzer. Stream the single over here, pre-order the record via Mexican Summer, and gaze upon the gorgeous artwork (by Ken Price) below. -LP


#6 – 11.4.2015 – French garage-psych wunderkind Jérémie Morin, aka The Dictaphone, first popped up on our radar thanks to Kill Shaman (the beloved spawning ground of German Army and fraternal imprint for slew of other projects in between) and a pair of killer tapes via the now sadly defunct Tolmie Terrapin Press (who shuttered early last month after releasing their sixth annual Halloween compilation Goblin Rock Year 6), so we’re psyched to hear he’s keeping up his tradition of LPs on odd years with his second via Totally Wired Records, titled Hazmat. If you’re a fan of French punk and the fringes of continental no-wave, Hazmat is for you. Available from Totally Wired. –DP

#7 – 11.4.2015 – Jacksonville, Florida-based zine and tape label Popnihil released Volt, a poetry and photo zine by experimental musician and visual artist Ma Turner. Most of the copies are going with Turner on his upcoming MAZOZMA tour, but a few are available via bandcamp; grab one while you still can. -LP


#8 – 11.6.2015 – Morr Music unveiled a new EP from Thomas Meluch, aka Benoît Pioulard, following quickly on the heels of his Stanza cassette for Baro Records and LP with Kyle Bobby Dun as Perils via Desire Path Recordings. The EP, titled Noyaux, is a nostalgic rendering of family memories, with each of the four tracks corresponding to Meluch’s immediate family — “father, mother, brother and himself” — plumbing familiar sonic territory but woven through with old field recordings. Download or order on vinyl via Meluch’s Bandcamp-DP