l’éternèbre – ‘The Spirit Bridge’

Posted by on November 6, 2015


l’éternèbre, “the eternal darkness” in English, is a longstanding collaboration between Chicago’s Natalie Chami (aka TALsound and usually of Good Willsmith) with now LA-based Brian Griffith (aka Greyghost and half of Electric Sound Bath), reconvened for a new effort late last spring titled The Spirit Bridge — released via Patient Sounds just days after Chami’s All The Way cassette appeared on Hausu Mountain. It’s still in-print somehow, though I’m more surprised to see their old self-titled debut is as well, assuming the Plustapes site hasn’t run off the rails since the imprint shuttered. The duo takes their name from a script by Robert Desnon — an early French surrealist killed by typhoid in a concentration camp — adapted by Man Ray for his off-focus short film L’Etoile de Mer. Éternèbre is a portmanteau of eternity and darkness, “éternité” and “ténèbres,” a fitting appellation here though the original connotation may seem closer to the timbre of their more explicitly surreal, all improvised debut, which has its own distinctive clangtint. The Spirit Bridge is less apprehension, and more reverie; an acousmatic collection of mostly long-form compositions that experiment with broader soundscapes and a tighter palette of warped vocals, samples, and subtle distortion, with both Chami and Griffith at their cloud-churning best.

Order a copy of The Spirit Bridge from Patient Sounds.