Pete Swanson & Yarn/Wire – ‘Eliminated Artist’

Posted by on September 24, 2015

Eliminated Artist

The immense body of work from Oregon native Pete Swanson — both under his own name and as half of Yellow Swans alongside Gabe Saloman — is unrelentingly fierce.  Swanson has always ridden slightly ahead of whatever wave seeks to engulf him: electronic noise, damaged techno, what-have-you. Since the demise of Yellow Swans and his relocation to New York, Swanson has released some epic, genre-bending music, including I Don’t Rock at All for Three Lobed Records and the beat-riddled Man With Potential. For Eliminated Artist, which arrives courtesy of ISSUE Project Room’s Distributed Objects label, Swanson teamed up with the piano/percussion quartet Yarn/Wire for a pair of compositions that date back to 2012. The title track features recordings from the quartet laced with Swanson’s electronic mayhem. Swanson plays the cybernetic puppeteer, manipulating the organic sounds and injecting them with unhinged layers of synthetic goo. “Corrections” has a more democratic origin, as the four members of Yarn/Wire worked to apply an acoustic framework to Swanson’s EMS modular synthesizer extracts. Both pieces were completed live at the ISSUE Project Room itself, and are fine examples of acoustic/electronic interplay working well.

The LP can be acquired directly from the Distributed Objects website and is streamed below for your listening pleasure.